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Instant Article Suite

Using My 'Tips Approach' Solution...

IAS Software Makes Your Content Achieve 90%
Up To 100% Uniqueness In A Few Clicks!

I normally HATE writing long sales letters but for this one...

You deserve an explanation and I'm going to spill the beans right here, so bear with me as this will help you a lot in your business!

There's a very structured approach to always get a 100% uniqueness when you are writing and spinning content.

Combined with this small piece of technology (IAS), duplicate content will NEVER be an issue if you follow the instructions that I'll be providing you.

You get the THREE software below:

(1) Instant Article Shuffler: This is the CORE software that will help you achieve more randomness and uniqueness to your content.

I've added those 2 software below as BONUSES because I want to open the doors to newbies who are low in budget and they don't need to invest in other tools:

(2) Instant Article Spinner: This is a brand new never released spinning software.

(3) Instant Article Submitter: This tool helps you to populate YOUR wordpress blogs by mass uploading articles very easily.

All these 3 software combined make the Instant Article Suite (IAS) software.

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Jason Shockley and Phil Thomas


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