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For list-builders fed up adding only...
5 or 6 new subscribers a day...

How to Add Hundreds of Responsive Subscribers to Your List with Solo Ads Without Losing Your Money or Wasting Your Time Starting Today

Dear friend,

If you're fed up with a stagnant list that just refuses to grow...

If you're getting started and don't' have the patience to wait months and months for any results...

Then this is the most important page you will read all week because I'm going to show what to do and how to change it all around.

You see...

The Real Beauty of an Online Business is Speed

You can grow an internet business ridiculously fast and seriously cheap.

That includes your list.

Compared with the time it takes to set up an offline business and getting new customers...

Compared with the cost it takes to run a brick and mortar business...

The internet is fast and it's very, very cheap.

So much so, you can "bootstrap it" with close to zero money from the comfort of your kitchen table.


Because I know (... and because you understand) the internet is fast it drives me nuts to watch so many new-starters messing around, building their business slow.

I see people getting bored.

Then getting distracted.

Then they quit or jump on some bright, shiny object.

It really, really frustrates me.

All you need is the right skill-sets and the right know-how which is exactly what I'm going to share with you today.

Not only that I'm going to open some eyes because when you master what I'm about to show you today you won't need to the gurus or anyone else ever again.

This is like cracking the code.


This Simple Three Step Formula Will Build Your List Fast and Kick-Start Your Low-Cost, Highly Profitable Online Business (... and It Works in Any Niche)


Let's get down to the nuts and bolts of this.

In the real world the success of your business is all about location, location, location.  That or you need the kind of marketing budget that would make you and I billionaires.

Since we're not billionaires and we're on the internet it's all about traffic.

It's the life-blood of any and every internet business.

You just need enough traffic to build a big enough list to make enough sales every time you email.

That's it.

But the stumbling point for us all is volume.

I'll take more about this in a minute but first I want to make sure you realize that that all you have to do is focus on two things...

You see when you know you need to get traffic, convert that traffic into subscribers and convert those subscribers into buyers you realize...

Your business is all about traffic and conversions.

It is that simple.

You can unclutter your mind because that is all you have to focus on and your business boils down to this three step process:

Step 1) Drive traffic

Step 2) Collect names and email addresses

Step 3) Sell relevant and useful stuff to those people

Drive traffic and focus on conversions and you can do amazingly well from just these three things.

Now the problem...

The problem is VOLUME of traffic.

That's why people fail.  They don't get enough traffic to improve conversions and build a money-making, sales funnel.


How Do You Drive Enough Traffic to Get Enough Subscribers to Make Enough Sales to Make a Comfortable Living Without Wasting Months?


Well I can assure you the secret isn't free traffic.

I mean how many 6 or 7 figure marketers do you know who rely on free traffic to build their list and sell their products?

None, right?

You see unless you have a buddy with an A' List blog or your brother has a 10K strong list then you are going to struggle to get enough free traffic to build your list fast.

I'm not saying it can't be done.

It's just unlikely to happen without months or even years of hard graft.

Forget about it.

Free traffic will take a long, long time.

Plus there is no guarantee that a) it will work and b) you can stick at it until you get the volume you need.


Free Traffic is Like Waiting and Waiting, and Waiting... to Win the Lottery


It's probably never going to happen.

You'd have to be crazy to work your fingers to the bone waiting for something that may never happen to change your life.

It's madness.

Six and seven figure marketers know this.

They're not stupid and they take control of their future.

The folk really making a good living online value their time - because it's all about the freedom - right?

They know time is much more valuable than money.

You can always make more money but you can never make more time. 

Once it's gone - sorry - it's gone for good.

Paid-traffic on the other hand is a time saver.

It's about:

*        Driving ultra-targeted traffic... fast

*        Building your list... fast

*        Getting results... fast

*        Growing your internet business... fast

When you leverage the internet's speed for all it's worth - you multiple your results and get more in half them time, or less.

Paid-traffic is about spending $1 to get $2 back, and doing it today.

Now most people are scared of paid traffic and that's good because no one should spend money they don't have.

So what if I told you...


You Can Start with Less Than $50 Bucks With My Solo Ads Secrets Course


(and gave you a free method to get some cash first)



I'm going to show you, how you can start with less than $50 and start driving traffic, getting results and growing your business in days starting today.

Forget weeks

Forget months

You'll start getting results today!

This is about leveraging the internets' speed and using it to your advantage to learn quicker, improve quicker and profit faster.

Plus You'll Build a REAL 24/7 Sale Machine

If I gave you a course only on Solo Ads I wouldn't be doing my job properly. 

You need to know how to capitalize on the traffic hitting your websites and the essential skills behind becoming a respected and successful internet entrepreneur.

I'm going to show you how to quickly test new niches for profitability; build sales funnels and drive laser targeted traffic to them - literally overnight.

Glimpse At What's Inside:

*        Learn the 8-step sales funnel for maximizing traffic, extracting money and building your buyers list

*        Autopilot push-button systems don't exist.  But what I reveal is damn close.

*        Need to know if your niche is profitable?  You'll know in a day.  No more working for weeks and months to find out

*        Tired keeping up with Internet changes?  The skills inside are EVERGREEN, apply to all markets and are future proof

*       The 4 critical components of squeeze pages that convert.

*        You'll learn how to make more sales as an affiliate (... this is a sneaky trick I stole from a super-affiliate and works a charm).

*        Is it better to be an affiliate or a product creator?  I'll show which one will make you the most and when.

*        Why being scared of losing money will make you a better marketer.

*       When raising your prices can actually sell more products and win your customers confidence.

*        Where a million dollar marketer gets his product ideas

And there's a whole lot more!


"An Internet Marketing Education!"

The problem with fads and bright, shiny objects is they fail to teach you marketing fundamentals that work in every market and all of the time.

This is bad for you because you never learn why business works and what you really need to focus on.

*        Want a money-making machine that works 24/7?  I'll show you what you need to do.

*        The two T's that lead to lift-off for your business and your bottom line.

*        Which is best?  Single and double-opt lists?  Let me debunk this so you can pick the right option.

*        The single best way to crafting winning sales messages without being a copywriter (... no writing necessary and it only takes a few minutes).

*        Advice to newbies from an Ancient Chinese Philosopher (... this will save you from Bright Shiny Objects and stop you failing online).

*        Why learning from Internet Marketing gurus could be costing you money and who the go-to guys really are!

*        How to get product ideas that sell themselves and convert like crazy to your buyers list.

*        Worried your subscribers are on other lists?  Learn this life-changing skill and with the extra money you make, you won't give a damn.

*        How to legally steal traffic from your most successful competitors (even from their sales pages).

*        Where the real money is made online and how to set your system up to maximize it.

You see I'm all about value and I don't just want you to know about Solo Ads I want you to know about making money.

Then there is the meat...

How to Find Book and Profit from Solo Ads

From building your list building for free (... perfect if you can't afford to book a Solo Ad right now) through to scaling your business once you've got this perfected.

You'll learn:

*        The SINGLE most important thing to do before buying a Solo Ad.  This could save you thousands of dollars.

*        How to find, book and buy Solo Ads and who to choose.

*        9 questions you MUST ask before ever booking a Solo Ad.

*        Why some Solo Ads suck and how you can spot and avoid the bad guys selling them

*        3 Solo Ad scams to spot and avoid (... I've seen top marketers get scammed but you'll spot these a mile off).

*        The simple scam that means you get clicks but no subscribers and no buyers (... how this works and what you can do).

*        Paid and free ways to track your clicks and manage your Solo Ad campaigns, I'll tell you how.

*        3 myths and mistakes that put people off Solo Ads (... this is good for you because it's less competition!)

*        4 ways to scale grow and move beyond buying Solo Ads.

*        Making money already?  I'll show you how to use Solo Ads to scale and grow your business even more.

*        Want targeted traffic?  You'll learn how to drive ultra-targeted traffic from people interested in buying what you got to offer.ow to Hwo

*        Solo Ad design.  Yeah, no one ever talks about this but it's critical if you want to get clicks to your website!

*        Heard of bucket lists?  Now you have and don't say I didn't warn you about them.

*        How to avoid list rot and make sure you only buy the very best leads online.

*        The single-best buyer lead to have on your list and the simple question you need to ask to find them (... these leads are the creme-de-la-creme).

*        Discover the untapped Goldmine where you can your grubby hands on buyer leads and keep them for yourself!

*        How to lower your Solo Ad spend, increase your profits and make more money from less traffic.

*        Learn the R.F.M. formula (... I really can't believe no one ever talks or teaches this, well the secret is out).

*        WanThe four critical steps for EVERY solo ad (... get the first one wrong and you might as well burn your money).

Plus I'll help you manage your list as it starts to swell in size!


Learn How to Look After Your List, Find Out What They Really Want and How to Maximize Results!


What good is it having a list if you don't know how to email it?!

I'll show you what to email and the only way to find out what your subscribers really want to buy from you!

Then there's all this:

*        Get the Godfathers advice to list builders (... even the worst salesman can make money with this tip).

*        Your list will lie to you and this is the only way to find out what opens up your subscribers wallets and reaching for the credit card.

*        The single most important thing to watch in your emails (most marketers focus on the stuff that doesn't matter) this is hard to accept but the Gospel truth.

*        Want to launch a product?  I'll show you a poor-man's product launch that works like gang-busters!

*        A simple tactic that gives your list lots of value and makes high-ticket sales from someone else's work.

*        The REAL secret to making massive money from teeny-tiny lists (... this is a lot easier than people make out and I show you how.

I'm teaching you all this because I want you to do really well and - equally important...


I Don't Want You to Get Scammed

There are plenty of douche-bags online who just don't care and they will try to take the shirt from your back.

They don't care about you.

I hate it and I hate the people that think it's ok to rip other people off just to make a quick buck.

For those reasons - and because this will help you spot the scammers and only buy from the best Solo Ad Sellers out there I'm going to do you a deal today.

You can have all this information for just $17 FREE for a limited time!

It's a great price to learn so much vital information for the internet entrepreneur and just as important save yourself from the douche-bags.

That's a mere fraction of what it has cost me to learn - the time it has taken to experience and collate the information just to virtually give it away today.

But you can't dawdle on this because when words gets out I'm putting the price up and pulling it from the market and only going to offer it as part of a bigger, more expensive package.


Review the terms & conditions


David Railey


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